Outdoor System 2000 Awnings

Apex Blinds Adelaide

Manual / Motorised
Excellent Shade
Effective Insulator
Colours / Patterns

The System 2000 Awning combines with a pivot arm meaning that they can be operated from inside your home. They can either be operated manually by a crank handle or motorised for use by either switch or remote control. They are the ideal solution for hard to access areas and installations high above ground.

The System 2000 Awning also provides greater flexibility when mounting as the head box can be fixed at any point along the awning making it ideal for installation onto non-brick homes.

System 2000 blinds can be raised and lowered to any desired height allowing you to effectively control your protection from the sun whilst still providing for excellent airflow throughout your home.

By preventing the sun from penetrating the glass, the System 2000 Awning can assist in reducing your air conditioning costs as well as provide you with vital protection for your inside furnishings.

System 2000 blinds are available in a large selection of canvas, acrylic or shade fabrics in both plain and striped colours.


  • Operated from inside the home either manually or motorised
  • Excellent for installations high above ground
  • Easily raised and lowered to the desired height
  • Excellent shade for windows from the harsh Australian sun
  • Reduce air conditioning costs
  • Effective protection for your inside furnishings
  • Available in canvas, acrylic or shade fabrics
  • Wide selection of plain colours or striped patterns

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